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Trick Daddy - Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Die a Thug (2009)

Trick Daddy - Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Die a Thug (2009)

01. Only 1 Mayor-Rayzor (Intro Skit)
02. This Tha s**t That I Live
03. Da Realest (Featuring KC)
04. Gangsta Music (Featuring Ice "Billion" Berg And Fella AKA Dunk Ryders)
05. The Collection Call-Kanesha Curry (Skit)
06. Everyday Struggle (Featuring Janet Lawrence)
07. What Dey Do (Featuring Bad Guy And Desloc)
08. Count My Money (Featuring Murk Camp)
09. b**ch Azz Niggaz (Featuring Ballgreezy)
10. Macking Jean-Rayzor (Skit)
11. I Can Tell
12. Chevy (Featuring Ice "Billion" Berg Of The Dunk Ryders)
13. What They Jock (Featuring Ice "Billion" Berg Of The Dunk Ryders And Murk Camp)
14. The Mayor's Office-Benji Brown (Skit)
15. That's How We Do It (Featuring Betty Wright)
16. Homie Song
17. Strong Woman (Featuring Jackie Henton)
18. The Pick Up-Benji Brown (Skit)
19. Ghetto Supa Star (Featuring Erin Lynn)
20. Tears Of A Grown Man (Featuring Shonie)

Размер 82,5 мб.

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